This Independent Marketing Affiliate Agreement (“Agreement”) is made this June 15th, 2016 (“Effective Date”), by and between iSuccess Inc., (“Company”) located at 276 Kingsbury Grade, STE 104, and (“Affiliate/User”).

Whereas Company desires to engage independent marketing affiliates to market the products of Company, and Affiliate desires to engage in such services, Affiliate and Company (also referred to herein as “Party” in the singular and “Parties” in the plural) desire to define the terms and conditions applicable to Affiliate’s performance of such services. Company and Affiliate agree as follows:

Affiliate acknowledges their application to become an Affiliate of Company by affixing Affiliate’s signature, name, title, and date below. Again, Affiliate understands and agrees that this Agreement has no force and effect until Affiliate is notified by Company of Affiliate’s acceptance and that Affiliate’s signature below is strictly to signify that Affiliate agrees with the provisions of this Agreement and desires to become so bound.

Compensation Schedule

This Exhibit is subject to the Independent Marketing Affiliate Agreement between Company and Affiliate dated June 15th, 2016 and is incorporated by reference to it.

Brochure Based Sales

In the event that Affiliate markets to customers for Company via a brochure or written method, Affiliate will receive an Affiliate Promotion Code (“APC”). This APC is used to link the sale of Company Products with the Affiliate. If the consumer fails to provide an APC or provides an APC that does not link the sale to the Affiliate, the Affiliate will not be entitled to compensation for that sale. The consumer can provide the APC through the quoting process on the Company website or by speaking with a Company sales agent.

The consumer promotion offered as part of the APC is determined solely at the discretion of Company. Affiliate may request to use the Affiliate Gift Card Program (described below), but Affiliate’s ability to use this Affiliate Gift Card Program is strictly limited to Company’s sole discretion.

Internet Link Sales

In the event that Affiliate markets to customers for Company via an Internet Link, Affiliate will receive an Affiliate Internet Identifier (“AII”). This AII is used to link the sale of Company Products with the Affiliate by use of an Internet Link. If Affiliate fails to provide the Internet Link or incorrectly configures the Internet Link on Affiliate’s website or in emails, Affiliate will not be entitled to compensation for resulting improperly identified sales.

In order for Affiliate to be associated with the sale, the consumer must follow the Internet Link as provided by Associate and complete an order on the Company website within the same web-browsing session. If the consumer exits the Company website without first completing an order and then later returns to do so, Affiliate will not be entitled to compensation for such sales. Upon entering the Company website, all visitors will have a cookie placed on their computer (a small text file) to track any purchases made by the visitor. In order for Affiliate to be associated with the sale, the visitor must purchase from the Company website within 30 days of entering the site. Only visitors who accept cookies can be tracked for referral fees. Affiliate understands that no compensation can be paid for any purchase made by a visitor who does not accept "cookies" or who has deleted our "cookies" from their computer during the 30-day period.

All payments will be made in US dollars. Affiliate will receive a monthly Compensation Statement reflecting any payments due to Affiliate, only if there is compensation due to Affiliate. Affiliate will be compensated according to a tiered schedule based upon number of monthly orders completed. The number of monthly orders completed determines the percentage that Affiliate will receive as applied to the total sales price of the completed orders that were referred by the Affiliate. Company normally processes Compensation Statements at the beginning of each calendar month and will normally release any payments due by the 15th of each calendar month. However, Company may change the processing date of Compensation Statements as well as payment release dates at Company’s sole discretion and without notice to Affiliate.

It is Affiliate’s sole responsibility to keep Company updated on any information
pertaining to Affiliate’s receipt of compensation (i.e. EFT info, mailing address, etc.).